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gimesama: queen

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queen <3

Fairy Tail Obsessed


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Fairy Tail Obsessed

yaushie: lmao i dont even know. i just wanted to draw lucy…

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“what r u talking about luc–” then he notices and freaks out


lmao i dont even know. i just wanted to draw lucy pointing out natsu with black hair buuuut if i had to put a story behind it…

let’s just say that when zeref turned natsu into END, it changed his hair color to pink. the END part of natsu is still sealed right now, meaning only a limited amount of its effects seeps through and sometimes natsu uses its powers in battle. this particular time, he used up a lot of it. the END effects is also what keeps natsu alive. if he uses all of it in his sealed state, he would die. so instead of focusing on keeping his hair pink, it prioritizes his life force and his hair reverts to it’s original black until he can regain that energy. 

of course, i don’t actually think that’s the case (and natsu’s pink hair, which i adore btw, is more than likely his natural color). it’s still fun to think of the possibilities tho. 

Fairy Tail Obsessed

swordbreaker: FT Angst Week Bonus Day 2: Skin & BonesThis…

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FT Angst Week Bonus Day 2: Skin & Bones

This is a sequel to this.

Natsu was a mess when Lucy died. He did not leave her apartment and was deeply depressed. Who could blame him though? He had a chance… a chance to be with her and yet he fucking rejected her. And now that he finally realized his feelings for her, she’s already gone. He never thought that Lucy’s adventures with him would abruptlu end.

He fucking regrets all the time that he wasted running around like an idiot.

One day, he found Lucy’s unpublished novel on her writing table.

He noticed that she used “Lucy Heartfilia-Dragneel” as her pen name.

He started to read it and let himself be absorb by Lucy’s world.

He found out that the book was loosely based from their adventures at Fairy Tail. He thought that she might have collected all of her mother’s letters and turned it into a story.

It was about an heiress who was saved by the dragon and was brought into a world of magic by leading her into a hidden tavern in the mountains. The dragon gave her a family that she yearned ever since her mother died and before her father went cold. Together with the dragon and his flying cat, they went into a lot of different adventures.

There were a lot of times that the heiress was stolen from the dragon but her faith towards her companion did not waver. She always believed in him and in return, he did not fail to save her every single time.

And he also did not fail to make her heart beat erratically whenever he’s with her.

One day, the former heiress’ decided to finally confess her love to the dragon. To her delight, the dragon returned her feelings and they vowed to not leave each other forever.

After that, they continued to search for a never-ending adventure and the two of them (plus the dragon’s flying cat) were always together living a happy life until the end with no regrets.

Natsu reached the end of the story and noticed an additional text called the “Afterwords.”

He finally broke down when he read the passage.

// Afterwords:

This is dedicated to my best friend, the Salamander, Natsu Dragneel.

I know you were reading my manuscript in secret so you better finish reading this, too!

Natsu, sometimes… I just wanted to smack you in the face. Yeah right, keep denying your feelings. I understand that you need time to think though. I’m sorry I was being too sudden that day. Thank you for continuing to be my bestfriend even after that.

But you need to freakin’ check your feelings. I don’t know if you’re leading me on or just plain stupid. You really need to check your definition of being in love. Dork.

And! Because you were stubborn, I stole your last name and used it in my pen name. Hah, this is my revenge since you always, always, ALWAYS invade my home, eat my food and rummage my stuff. Seriously, you stay in my house more often that I do.

I know, you don’t understand what I’m saying here but whatever! Don’t get mad that I stole your name! You’re gonna give it to me soon anyway (DON’T EVEN DENY IT!)

Wow, this sounds like another confession huh? Although, you can just keep silent it. I don’t mind. But my feelings for you won’t ever fade, remember that.




You are my most special person and I want to make you happy.

Don’t worry, I will always wait for your sorry arse.

After all, it’s more fun when we’re together, right Natsu?

Thank you for everything.

Love, Lucy of Fairy Tail.//

That was the last straw.

He was already a sobbing mess ever since he read Lucy’s last words to him. And he couldn’t bear the weight that he was carrying anymore.

So Natsu Dragneel took his life a few hours later.

Without his Lucy, he is nothing. Just an unstable flamehead with no will to live. So why bother?

He needed to get back to her anyway. They made a promise after all.

“We’ll stick together no matter what, right?”

“Uhn! It’s a promise, Natsu!”

And the dragon finally reunited with his love and became stars in the sky. They continued to watched over their friends and loved each other until eternity.

Fairy Tail Obsessed

seiikas: I’ve completed two of my goals… Bringing back my…

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I've completed two of my goals... Bringing back my brother and creating the strongest etherious out there.

Fairy Tail Obsessed

arubiii: Levy McGarden Week Day 4: Booksmy nerdy princess for…

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Levy McGarden Week Day 4: Books

my nerdy princess for everyone (・∀・)!!!

Fairy Tail Obsessed


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Posted with Artist's Permission

Fairy Tail Obsessed

ka-ryuu: Chapter 435 “ Shouting Victory”Natsu Dragneel

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Chapter 435 “ Shouting Victory”

Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail Obsessed

easyminds: Love Thy Neighbour | Natsu DragneelBecause Natsu as…

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Love Thy Neighbour
| Natsu Dragneel

Because Natsu as a firefighter gets me every time and I need to express his attractiveness and Lucy needs to see him in uniform because then she would for sure jump his bones.

Snogfairy I still can’t believe you are writing this and even more so I am glad we agree his arms in and outside the uniform would be delightful.

Fairy Tail Obsessed

“Prince Jura-san… Your head is shinier than my sparkles….

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“Prince Jura-san… Your head is shinier than my sparkles. Meeehhn.”

“And your petit travel size is quite… handsome.”

-And then they lived happily and handsomely ever after.

Fairy Tail Obsessed

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