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Fairy Tail Episode 145 Streaming

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You are about to watch Fairy Tail Episode 145 of the Fairy Tail anime. Enjoy!

It would be awesome, if you commented with your thoughts on the episode!

This is a google search so google controls everything!

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  • Rajang

    First xD

  • eaton


  • Jap


  • Jap

    Second ! hahaha 😉

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    i busted out laughing when i read this lol

  • tl

    Whats the soundtrack when mirajane vs racer? ;-;

  • http://twitter.com/Lamia_Sherry Sherry Blendi

    ..for the 7th time

  • kkgl

    buffers every second

  • Bibidi.Bobidi

    i heard the word “actually” 31 times 😛 😛 😛

  • Will Mulcahey

    Uhg i’m really starting to not like this its just the same then again and again what is this like the 5th time lucy has been kidnapped.

  • Will Mulcahey

    Please tell me this is the last giggle butt episode.

  • meowmusic~<3

    I would, but sadly it would be a lie… They are REALLY hard to watch…. And I sorta wanna stop watching JUST for them TT-TT

  • BlikBlak

    T^T retard

  • asd