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Fairy Tail Episode 19 Streaming

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You are about to watch Fairy Tail Episode 19 of the Fairy Tail anime. Enjoy!

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“Chenjiringu” (チェンジリング) February 22, 2010

Natsu finds a strange-looking request on the job board and chants the words written on it, causing him and several other members of Fairy Tail to switch bodies with each other. Levy and her partners try to break the spell, but only manage to save some of the guild members while even more members swap bodies as well.


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  • Haji

    happy makes a cute elza ^-^

  • http://yahoo.com xxraia18xx

    Gray became a gay!!!!

  • Zuli

    this is one of my fav. episodes cuz its sooo funny

  • Jus Montegrejo

    kya.. hahaha happy.. Aye! kawaii episode…. i think master posted it as punishment hehehe

  • Jus Montegrejo

    love this! 😀

  • Louie16_jo

     Omg… this is Hillarious

  • Kowalski_1123

    what is the title of the music which was played on 15:46??? I know I have heard this before, and many times in this anime!! Can someone else tell me what’s the title of that??? Onegai!! XD

  • Mikansakura048

    like every episode of FAIRY TAIL! good that i found this site ^^*

  • Mio

    I laughed so hard! 

  • moonyrush

    ohh myy god! I think its a punition of gramps

  • GreyXLucy

    They should have made this a rom-com episode grey and lucy could of gained a way bigger understanding of eachother in 30 Minutes DD: