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Fairy Tail Episode 31 Streaming

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You are about to watch Fairy Tail Episode 31 of the Fairy Tail anime. Enjoy!

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“A Star Removed from the Sky”
“Sora ni Modorenai Hoshi” (空に戻れない星) May 24, 2010

Loke begins acting strangely around Lucy, whom Loke has always avoided in the past. After Loke breaks up with all his girlfriends and disappears, Lucy becomes concerned and investigates Loke’s past. She discovers him to actually be the celestial spirit Leo, who had been banished from the spirit world.


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  • Rawr

    HEYy thanks 😀

  • Alexandre Vinicius

    wow, very good
    Thx (:

  • Xirvash

    Hi thanks for the Upload but im only watching half of it 12mins and 30 secs only what is happening?

  • JapanFan

    it’s set as a playlist, it has two parts, so it should automatically go to the next part, if not, click the fast forward (next) button the the player.

  • JapanFan

    I went ahead and changed it to one part.

  • Xirvash

    thanks a lot!

  • Renee’ Lewis

    I love dat one cant wait til the otha 1 come on I mite like dat one da most

  • DAMN!

    nice boobies!!!

  • http://roelvisfabian roelvisx

    yo i cant wait i just cant wooo

  • http://fairytail.wikia.com/ ThunderGyra

    ;( loading problems…

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  • http://fairytail.wikia.com/ ThunderGyra

    Loading problems, but it’s just me

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  • http://www.fairytail.japanfan.net/fairy-tail-episodes/fairy-tail-episode-31-streaming/ rina

    thanks for the upload!!!!! (^.^)

  • Infinitos

    Thanks for the upload 😀 !

  • JapanFan

    Yeah i think it’s just you lol. because the loading works fine for me and many other people.

  • nazuki

    loke looks like ichigo

  • wandering_elf

    lol IKR. Loke kinda looks like Ichigo. haha! XD

  • Rei

    Thanks again for this episode~ ^o^//

    I think, it’s a bit crushed?? o_O? there’s a box box in the vid… (small one though… XP)
    agree desuuu~~ (^ v ^)/

  • http://kigzz.com kigzz

    awesome!!! thanks for the upload… keep it up guys.

  • http://kigzz.com kigzz

    Thanks Again…!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001857984365 Lily Mo

    LokexLucy 4 ever ^^ or Natsu and Lucy … hmmmm…

  • eat

    loke is a celestrial spirt ok and its leo

  • eat

    loke is a celestrial spirt ok and its leo

  • Zaariqb

    dude!!! this site is s sick! i luv ya man! and i just got into fairytail, but none of my friends wanna watch it… how do i persuade them to watch it coz they all watch naruto shippudden!

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    Thanks! I tried to make it as epic as possible lol…. Tell them to watch a few episodes and then they can decide if they like it or not. I got my friend into liking fairy tail and she doesn’t even like anime lol

  • Zelda31

    mine too

  • Guitargirl


  • Extra_extra_cha

     tell them it’s like naruto shippuden :3

  • prasanth

    hah those two guys sound like killerbee 

  • prasanth

    i hope loke does not die 

  • mega fairy tail fan

    just tell ur friends that either they watch it or fairy tail people wil hunt them down or u can tell ur friends there is a sico maniacks will be chasing them if they will stop watching the dumb naruto shippudden and start watching fairy tail

  • stardisk124

    Saw this a while back, thought I’d comment anyway. Poor Loke, but even still, I’ll never be a Lolu fan. NALU 4eva! 😀

  • Nalu Forever

    i love hoe loke is all badass then he teleports to behind a tree and like Aries “I’ sorry”
    Lucy: FOR WHAT?!?!?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/fhaye.manacsa Fhaye Manacsa


  • Lucy<3

    i like it ^_^