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Fairy Tail Episode 35 Streaming

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You are about to watch Fairy Tail Episode 35 of the Fairy Tail anime. Enjoy!

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  • KimTon

    Good episode!! Thanks for uploading.
    It’s nice to know some more of Erza’s past, at least I understand a lot more now.

  • Rinnu500

    Thanks for uploading!! Great episode~

  • JapanFanIsMyIdol

    tyvm for your uber epic website.

  • Infinitos

    Hope they make infinite episodes ! this show shouldnt stop =)

  • unknown


  • Maho_Kuuki

    Hey, the video keeps on pixelizing, like into giant pixels so that i cant see parts, can you try to find out what keeps on happening please? I tried it on my dad’s comp and it was still the same, thnx

  • xxLinaxx

    Yay! Ty so much for the upload!! Im excited for the next one!! ^^

  • Rei

    Thanks again for the upload~ (^o^)//

    huhu..I got a teary eyes when I saw Simon again.. huhuhuhu… and remembered about his destiny.. TT^TT
    ahh… a fact for everyone ^^
    ..if you didn’t noticed Rob-jiichan (Grandpa Rob) is one of Makarov’s friend. He’s the one Pulshaka talking about . He’s in the pic. together w/ Makarov, Pulshaka, Bob, Goldmine, Yuuji… (I don’t know if I spelled there name correct… ahehehehehe… f ^ ^

  • http://yahoo.com dhayana

    love this episode!!!

  • http://www.fairytail.japanfan.net/fairy-tail-episodes/fairy-tail-episode-35-streaming/ blabla

    i really like erza now