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Fairy Tail Episode Downloads [Old Post] [ We do not offer downloads]

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We do not offer downloads. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we don’t want to get into any copyright issues.

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  • Jolyn


    For E27-30, they are in mkv format >_> could you kindly post the .avi files please?

    Thanks so much!

  • Anime lover


    Like the last comment from Jolyn, episodes 27-31 are mkv. Could you kindly post avi episodes for those particular ones. THANK-YOU! ^_^

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  • razeal

    could you put ep. 27-36 in avi please i want to watch them but i cant since they are in mkv files. thanks and keep up the good work..

  • lovelymax88

    the mkv versions (the vids) break T-T i can’t watch them.. avi works best for me too.. could you please repost them as avi’s? thanks!

  • http://www.kigzz.com kigzz

    thanks a lot for these episodes… :)

  • Alph

    do you have ep34 n ep35 in mkv format?

  • Shadow Ichigo

    Thanks for the upload. I appreciate it. Have a good one!

  • AnimeLuvr

    Tyvm for all these.
    Note: For all those that can’t view those mkv file go download this code thingy for ur windows media player. Just search on google how to open mkv files and there should be results. I did that and mine works fine now.

  • Cifere

    beautiful. thanks

  • tyraz


  • Karoline

    The videos are great! But…can you please post 36 onwards in AVI, please? I converted the MKVs but then the subs disappeared. Please post as avi. Thanks! ^^

  • Dragon`Slayer

    Thanks for the free download..
    I’ll download it all so that my friends can watch it..
    This site is the best for me..!!

  • FS

    how can I download these file? I don’t know what I have to do? I really want these file. Help me, please. Thanks so much!! >….<

  • Jokuki

    FS try to right click a link and hit “Save As…” or if you run Opera hit “Save to Download FOlder” it’s what i’ve been doing.

  • Aldzarfiq

    this is just a suggestion but could you make all the chapters into 2 formats, mkv and avi. i kinda have problems when downloading the avi one. i can only get the mkv file. TQ

  • daniel jeraisy dell

    wheres 49?? no updates???its been 2 weeks now…

  • Skorlentis

    To those who can’t read .mkv files, download VLC media player at

    Alternatively use
    to convert the file into WMV or AVI.

  • Hazel Tan

    uhm.. the episode 27 has no subs…

    thanks very much for this link, such a big convenience. love fairy tail <3

  • Salamander1133

    There are no subtitles for Epsido 27!

  • Salamander1133

    There are no subtitles for Episode 27!

  • Jank

    thanks for the links. keep up the good work =)

  • igneel

    thank for all

  • Eddie

    All of these episode has eng sub or not??

  • Junichi

    Fairy tail rocks!!! can post episode 33 in avi cuz i cant watch it in mkv tho ^_^ TQ

  • Majorie

    Hello! For start from Episode 46, Can you please post in AVI. file? I am stuck in 45 coz i couldn’t continue on. I would be very appreciate if I could get them in AVI. file… Btw, this site is totally cool! Love it! Thanks.. ^ ^

  • Koruna

    Thanks for the episodes!!!!!
    can you post the avi’s in episode 47-50^^
    Sugoi! Please keep it up!

  • afsha


  • Maleesha

    this is the only website which i can download the fairy tail episodes!!so thank you very much!! 😀

  • allan

    please convert all .avi files to .mkv files. matroska videos are far better than audio video interleave files. those who can’t play .mkv, just use vlc media player

  • tazicat12

    Episode 60. If you screen it down, it’s fine. If you download, it doesn’t have subtitles. Could you fix this please? Thank you! I love this site!

  • Jus Montegrejo

    Thanks for making this site sir… i can now download all the episodes =)) thanks !

  • Terence Lim

    I love this site cos my lappy suddenly cant play fairytail.mkv files anymore… now finally i can continue again to watch in .avi… THANK YOU!!!

  • xD

    when 61 come out???????????????

  • JapanFan


  • Jinjitsu

    The links to the downloads are broken now… Why is that?

  • Jinjitsu

    The only download links that seem to be working right now are episodes 27, 49, 50, 54, 55, 56, 58 and 60. The other links are broken.

  • JapanFan

    They are working now, my webhost was doing some updates to their power system or something like that.

  • Jinjitsu

    Oh yeah.. I noticed it started working after 8:00 am

    This site is awesome btw I couldn’t find any other high quality episodes that were easily downloadable.

  • Jinjitsu

    Is it me or does EP 27 have no subtitles?

  • Jus Montegrejo

    all the videos have subtitles… =)) @jinjitsu… i have downloaded ep27 and it has subtitles..

  • Jinjitsu

    Yeah it’s true. The thing is I was watching it with Dvix. I guess Dvix filters out the subtitiles. I used a VLC Player and it showed the subtitles. Very wierd…

  • Jinjitsu

    EP 34 gives me this error : You just encounter our 404 error page

  • purple

    I can’t play VLC on my laptop anymore, please upload in AVI. please please! but, thank you for this wonderful site! kudos!

  • Erza

    EP. 34 and 45 (So far, only tried up to 45) aren’t working for download, please help. I can’t find other sources to download from, so sorry for bothering!

  • gellie

    download mpcstar(tiger player)… it plays .mvk and a whole bunch of other extensions…

  • http://www.euts.me EUTS.ME

    Wooots! this site is my weekly bestfriend.

    Thanks for the updates

  • Kiel

    This is so awesome!

  • Ak49

    there are no subs

  • Ak49

    What player are you people using

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    VLC is the best… get it and you won’t have to worry about anything!

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    VLC is the best… get it and you won’t have to worry about anything!

  • Ak49


  • Ak49

    This site rocks

  • Ak49

    I wish there was a site like this for Bleach

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    I plan on making fan sites for other pages so i might make it. you never know lol

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley


  • Ak49

    could you make all of the downloads 720p and not 420p

  • Ak49


  • Ak49

    best if you could get 1080p

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    What I will do is put up several options but I will need to start using mediafire or megaupload.

  • dandan

    megaupload!!no.. its better like this…the site is blocked in here..

  • Wang_yokho

    sorry >,,<

  • Ak49

    use mediafire it is really good

  • Kirorokat

    Episode 27 saves as a text/mkv document for some reason, instead of a video. Other than that I really love this site! Thanks so much!

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    Oh that one and another episode as well is connected in the download section… so instead of right clicking and saving… click it regularly.

  • Kirorokat

    Ah, thank you!

  • Kirorokat

    Episode 27 doesn’t have any subtitles. ^.^

  • Kirorokat

    I also use Dvix, but that was the only episode that happened with, so I thought it might’ve been worth mentioning. And I agree, it is strange.

  • RE82

    Oh….. please do something with episode 45… The link does not work..(sad)

  • Keziah

    thank you for updating the episodes.. i’m checking it out every week.. :)
    looking forward for the upcoming episodes.. 😀

  • Sinder

    hey im not shure how u download it it just opens a player in a new tab

  • http://www.facebook.com/harryrezqiano Harry Rezqiano

    Love this site !

  • Aldzarfiq

    i love this site… never missed a single episode… downloaded it as soon as there’s a new chapter… tq very much… (^_^)

  • Aldzarfiq

    wait til it finishes loading then right click and select download

  • Aldzarfiq

    if it’s mkv just use vlc player or kmplayer

  • Pandalovespink

    why are these all in mkv, starting from 45?

  • fuzzer

    episode link typo error.

    should be http only infront. :)

  • 0.0drew

    why can’t I download episode 69???

  • Danielsoedarso

    why icant download eps.69???
    there is an error when i clicked on it..the error is
    “Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (hhttp) isn’t associated with any program.”

  • Erza Scarlet

    Well, i think you make a typo on EP 69 download link. I tried to download it with ‘http’ protocol and it works! but when i was playing the video, suddenly the video stopped at 06:53 uh.. pls fix this T_T

  • Olintopno

    dis site and the quality are awsome………….

  • Erza Scarlet

    ah my comments being deleted i guess T_T

  • Koruna

    Um… episode 69? I can’t download it because firefox doesn’t know the protocol, hhttp? How can I download it?

  • Hello_kitty

    Episode 69 download link doesn’t work

  • Nathanael

    There’s a problem with the link for Episode 69. There’s an extra h so I can’t start downloading and I aslo copied the link but I had no permission to open it.

  • http://twitter.com/Korunazega Arifah Hasanbasri

    This site rocks out loud! This is the place where I watch FT! Thank you! Please fix episode 69. I really really really WANT it bad! Thanks

  • Jay

    why cant i download? D:

  • Danielsoedarso

    why eps.69 still error…
    its already been 1 week since my last comment T_T

    ive already streamed it but still wanna to download it!! T_T

  • Abc

    episode 69’s link is given as hhttp;// instead of http;// therefore unable to download. Please sort out the issue. Thanks a lot this site rocks wish there was something like this for naruto and bleach as well.

  • John_smith

    i think the site has stopped uploading vids… Fairy Tail is up to 72 now

  • Ovanezz_17

    hey.. mmm.. mybe its a bit too late to say this.. why don’t u guys try http://www.animefansftw.com/

  • ryoujyoseoryang

    hi, just getting on board.
    ep 29-33 vanished? please explain.

  • Ovanezz_17

    hey.. mmm.. why don’t u try this website http://www.animefansftw.com/

  • xHeart

    what happened to this site? T___T
    i luved it

  • Keanology

    can’t download :(

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    I will be fixing it soon. Sorry about that!

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    I will be fixing it soon. Sorry about that!

  • Jinjitsu

    Oh no all of the download links are broken now?

  • anon

    This site is dead

  • xHeart

    too bad this site is dead :(

    guys try “animetake(dot)com” 
    it’s awesome you can get it in HD too

  • xHeart

    too bad this site is dead :(

    guys try “animetake(dot)com” 
    it’s awesome you can get it in HD too

  • Fairy Tail Fan

    my media player cannot render the files..why?

  • salamander

    where’s the link…?

  • Jcoo

    please anybody tell me how to download these fairy tail episodes !!! :'(

  • Jcoo

    please anybody tell me how to download these fairy tail episodes !!! :'(

  • ErzaScarlet

    Thanks so much! I’ve been looking litterally everywhere!

  • ErzaScarlet

    I know a few sites like this for Bleach, I know 1 where you can Download the Episodes and also watch it =D

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    You have to click on the media/downloads link at the very top, in order to get to the download section

  • Hikari

    Why is it that I continue to try and download the episode and once it does, my computer continues to say the file is corrupted?

  • Rhhello

    Thanks for being able to down load these videos. Was wondering if the downloads are now under mediafire or megaupload or going to keep the downloads on this site still? Thanks 

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    I’m going to try to keep it on the site. No megaupload or mediafire, well atleast for the time being lol. I just got a server for the site so I have enough space for now.

  • Kimo_stalon10


  • yilzac

    Hi, i try to download some but they all keep stopping when they are near 50%

  • Jinndax

    how can i download episodes here?

  • http://twitter.com/Thegoongoonworl Jia.Y

    em…. I’m a newbie here and downloaded a episode and half way, it  stopped playing. can u pls help me? 

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    Did you download the episode fully?

  • http://twitter.com/Thegoongoonworl Jia.Y


  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    try redownloading it because it shouldn’t have stopped… thats weird lol

  • xxExclair

    Thank you…at last ill be able to watch it with out buffing been searching for this!  😀

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    U have to register to download

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    I’m glad u found the site .. be sure to tell others

  • Alice

    Thank you very much for posting this~ Its really hard to find a download for it

  • Alice

    Do you have more avi files? Most of them are mkv so the subs don’t show up for some reason

  • Putririn

    that’s cool..

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    I will gradually convert them

  • richpill

    thanks for all the episodes. I was wondering do you also have the OVA’s too.  Great site. 

  • richpill

    If you are using Dvix for your play back you have to right click the video and it gives you the option to turn on the subs.  

  • Gajeel

    Do you have more avi files?
    I need avi files for Ep 56, 63, 65, 67 and 115
    i can ‘t watch mkv

    i hope you can help me


  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    are mp4’s ok?

  • Gajeel

    i have a bad player
    This player can’t play mkvs or mp4
    only avi

    do you have these in avi?

    i downloaded every episode from animesenshi.com
    this is a great site

    But know you cant’t download these old episodes any more
    so I have no chance to downlaod the last 5 Episodes

    In exchange i can give you
    and the others all Episodes I have in avi

  • Weiherr_samtet


  • Gajeel

    I need avi files for Ep 56, 63, 65, 67 and 115 to complete it

    If someone has this episodes

    please contact me


  • Hasanast

    hey y is episode 111 wid no subds?

  • Justin3662

    y is it i can only download half of ep 18 it always stops there

  • maddy

    waiting for the 125th episode…..

  • Justin3662

    This should be the no.1 source of fairy tail

  • David Ju

    When wil EP 115 be fixed?

  • Secretive

    episode 27 has no subtittle =.=

  • Lucy Chan

    episode 27, 33, and 34 subtitles pls….

  • JasmineMoon96

    I need help with download, whenever I click on the download link the video opens up in Media Player.
    What should I do ?

  • Lucy Chan

    do u have a problem w/ ur internet connection? bcoz sometimes it happens to me i have a problem w/ my net connection and i can only download half of d video but when i upgraded my internet i download ep 18 full

  • Iki_akbar

    big thanks for who make this but i need episode 130 , when that episode will update in this site .. ?

  • Wildlife_xgirl

    will you upload anymore? because Fairy tale is at 130 some now I think…

  • Erza

    Hey, wats   wrong with ep 115?

  • bon

    i think they should

  • Bob

    download,  the windows 7 codec 3.6.0stu

  • ft

    why i can’t download episode 121 and above?

  • Daus_takok

    i can’t watch online because my internet is slow 

  • Lelabi_88


  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    Wow good or wow bad lol

  • jovzh

    thanks.. it’s so cool!

  • Happy6454

    Please Fix Episode 115, i cant find it anywhere else to download and u r my only hope thnx…

  • christy_ybe


  • Theyellowflase

    awesome…….u rock!!

  • Naudene-noddy

    Hey thank you so much I love fairy tail, but episode 129 might not be working. I can’t get it to download. Help please?

  • Jaysonfigueroa26

    This site is the best… keep it up..
    i hope you have one piece site too like this one…

  • Jaysonfigueroa26

    episode 129 invalid Url plleasse can u fix it .. tnx

  • Games6454

    Plz Fix 129 it iz broken…

  • Happy6454

    plz fix 129 itz broken : (

  • Lu Shee…

    dis site GREAT..:)
    love u…

  • http://www.facebook.com/eggyhunter Chicks Hunter

    115 broken, 129 too … @@,, ><….. fix it ASAP pls

  • Nash45

    got problem in episode #27
    anyone knows another site for downloading??

  • http://www.facebook.com/eggyhunter Chicks Hunter

    86 404 not found, help

  • http://www.facebook.com/eggyhunter Chicks Hunter

    86, and 115 error (404 file not found)
    129 errors
    fix ASAP thx XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/eggyhunter Chicks Hunter

    Not Found

    The requested URL /ftdownloads/ft86[fairytail.japanfan.net].mkv was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found
    error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  • Natsu_Dragneel

    My.. my.. Lots of thanks mate..

    I’m dying to watch it and its here =D
    Keep it updated ya ^^

  • erza”FAN

    ahmm ,,, ep 58 59 are pixelating .. um kinda it pauses and crash d video . and also ,, can u just limit to 150 mb – 180 mb .. it seems some 0f the videos are 200mb + .. so tired to wait in downloading .. …. arigatO .. ! 

    fairy tail sure is fun ! 

  • Climbingsliver

    why is it in ogg

  • xDrakeZx

    unable to download ep 86 >< hope its fixed quickly

  • Clonedrome

    Thx for the download.. been searching for a High quality version of this anime.. thank you so much

  • Guest

    Thanks for uploading these! Just wanted to mention that episode 86 and 129 are offline ^^

  • Sw33taznaries

    THANK YOU!!!! 😀

  • Alian

    man finally i found a source to download fairy tail thank you

  • Sutherlandjermaine

    nice anime wish they would release more at a time or even quicker

  • Naruto0587

    Can anyone tell me how to download the episodes. I click where it says main server and the episode goes straight to playing in my media windows player. Can anyone help?

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    Just right click save target or link as … then u got it

  • Alian

    please fix episode 27

  • Ndrew

    download link for episode 139+ please 😐

  • Jaecknoble

    pls. sir can u fix epsiode i can only watch it in mkv pls. change it to avi,
    thank you very much

  • Rojajdahal

    what is the encryption code for mediafire ?? password pleasw!!!1

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley
  • Erzascarlet

    i really like this site

  • Games6454

    um, can u plz upload episode 141 for download?
    it’s already been like a week……….

  • Erzascarlet

    i cant download 49 pls 

  • Lucy Scarlet

    how to download this fairy tail episode actually? I kinda confused here! Please explain more details.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000518108319 Waltteri Järvinen

    My computer doesn’t recognize the file format

  • Jeff corbin

    The password doesn’t work for any. I’ve tried over and over again. It keeps giving me an error of wrong password or corrupt file. Help!

  • Futoho

    Hey whens 141+142 coming out its been forever

  • adeq97

    why the episode 141 not yet incoming

  • adeq97

    why the episode 141,142,143 you not upload yet

  • Serizawa tamao

    what the fuck is the password? it doesnt seem to work…. 

  • best answer

    go on gogoanime an see 141-143

  • best answer


  • MAC

    I LIKE IT!

  • happy6454

    um…we wanna download, not watch…


  • happy6454

    eood u care 2 tell me the sites……..ive been looking 4 it like 4 ages!!!!!!!!!!

  • happy6454

    wat r u going on about?
    this IS the #1 source of fairy tail…….^.^

  • http://www.facebook.com/zenric.navea Zenric Navea

    Thank you!

  • best answer

    then you just have to wait 😀

  • best answer

    its pretty simple first of all use a pc with windows then press the main server and it will download but use crome not explore, then it should be easy

  • mikay

    this site…..rocks….. :)

  • Skyline

    Yes ! . Thank you :3

  • best answer

    you could also just buy them if their is a problem^^

  • happy6454

    umm, sorry to say this but i found another site which updates very quickly…….so i say my goodbyes….thank you for doing an awesome job until these last few months….good bye…….

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    They are online!

  • natsu101

    where’s episode 146 download ):

  • gary 123

    prees what dowload all ?

  • gary 123

    who can tell me

  • david311

    I downloaded an episode of fairy tail from your mediafire link where its in a rar, but the password doesn’t seem to work. So then i tried the other link which was from your main server but when i began watching the subtitle track was not showing. I am using VLC player and i checked if the subtitle track was turned on which it is, but i still don’t see the subtitle tracks…. I need some help please.

  • natsuthedragonslayer01

    can you please upload the episodes: 146,147,148 and 149. :(( pleasee. :'(

  • natsuthedragonslayer01

    for download. :(

  • Icemaked

    why is 117 is not on mediafire. i cnt find the rar.. i dL mkv file but no subs when i convert it on mp4. help me please :(((

  • DeathPoison

    Oppa Gangma style!:D

  • shadow

    is it english

  • http://www.facebook.com/momina.khawaja.9 Momina Khawaja

    Hi I am new and I don’t know how to doenload the episodes. Can you please help me. I got til http://fairytail.japanfan.net but when I clicked download episode 1 it didn’t work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dyna.binoya.3 Dyna Binoya

    we have the same problem bro

  • anderson

    how to download??

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacknguyen.com.au Jack Nguyen

    is episode 146 till the most recent ones gonna be up for download? thanks

  • fruitspunch13

    this website is awesome! thank you for all of the uploads! Fairy Tail rocks! (and so is this website) :)

  • jayesselim

    episodes 146 till the latest ones aren’t up for download yet.. could you please put them up? thanks! :)

  • happyhappynatsu

    can you please update the downloads?? thanks for your great work, and can you please put the ova episodes up for download?? thanks!

  • Chester Rayos

    mediafire links are gone. account suspended? :(

  • fairytailfan

    plz, fix the subs in episode 111 for download??TY

  • http://www.facebook.com/shah.dy.37 Zaidi Fitri

    how to download … someone can teach me …?

  • demon mirajane

    hello why episode 146-154 not yet uploaded for so long?>< desperately demand

  • ArnokAier

    hy i also cant download Episode 115, please fix it if there is a problem… i cant wait to watch it..thnx

  • Kuri

    The best site! I always visit here if i’m thinking about watching fairy tail 😉 keep updated with the episodes and download links! Good job ;D

  • erza1234

    there is no episode 146 to download,please let me download it

  • lucy


  • Fairytail fanatic

    Do you have episode 151? i haven’t been able to watch that yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/veromae.c.ancajas Veromae Ancajas

    how can i download this?

  • fairytailgreatfans

    hi, online the main server of 146-157 episodes pls.

  • eldon

    why episode 147-157 is offline? i can’t download!!!

  • Lee Hyunse

    any tell me how to download… i did it once but i dont know how to do it again

  • Lux Paragon

    Eps 27 isnt working getting an mkv file then avi and opens with windows movie maker with nothing in it

  • http://www.facebook.com/jomari.depaynos Jomari Depaynos

    how can i download fairy tale episodes

  • Amaterasu Okami

    please fix episode 27! i need it!

  • Amaterasu Okami

    The episode 27 is only avaible to watch online! I need the download link!

  • Lux Paragon

    Hey found out you need to convert 27 from Mkv file to Avi you can find these on google ( Mkv converter) but its not subbed QQ :(

  • monica

    what happened to episode 147-157? it says offline?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dwight.aizenheart Luke Vitagan

    u guys can download realplayer its just slower than usual but the good news is its free and you can download videos from any site.

  • jcube

    when will be the latest episode will be available for dowload? 166&167?

  • Mridul

    Does anyone know whether these videos are english dubbed or not?

  • ivanloon

    Hey how about Episode 171 ?? When you going to upload it ?

  • bear

    why the episodes are only available till episode 165 but the newest episode is 170?

  • Tony Leong

    bro, can the site that you found allow me to download the episodes along with subtitles? if yes, please email to me the site address as I can’t seem to download fairy tail episodes here anymore..so sad since I love it so much. tonyleong81@yahoo.com

  • hariko haruno

    Man this is my first time on this sitef

  • http://www.facebook.com/bhosxzkhulet.sanjuan KhuLet San Juan


  • http://www.facebook.com/ahonk.deviluke Ahonk Deviluke

    how i can download from this site?

  • rome

    how to download?

  • miss tomato

    sumimasen,i cant find episode 176.when are u going to upload it?

  • pekpek

    putang ina anu yan ?

  • Padmashree Inamdar

    is ther a way to see season 3 episodes on the internet or any site? if so plz reply , my sis has locked the channel and i have not seen Animax from 3-4 weeks. Plz :'(

  • mark


  • Amaterasu Okami

    Help me someone! The site keeps telling me: The download has been moved to this page. When i click in the link, the same thigns appears! Can someone please send me the download page?

  • Marian

    I need to download the episodes but it keeps telling me everytime that it has move to this page. Help someone sent me the download page
    thank you

  • http://japanfan.net/ JapanFanGuy

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