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Weekly Fairy Tail AMV

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★ Electropop ★ [ Collab With Dawnchanlove ] [ Fairy Tail Amv ]

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Re-uploaded :( I really love this collab and anime 😀 and sis it’s okeey if you’r part is bad quality the video is good anyway :3 Enjoy x3 Anime: Fairy Tail Song: Electropop Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8

Fairy Tail AMV in high definition (my first Fairy Tail AMV) Music: Pushing Me Away by Linkin Park Please take a few seconds torate and comment. Check out my channel for other AMVs ^_^ I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CLIPS OR MUSIC USED FOR THIS VIDEO. THIS VIDEO IS FOR COMMENTING AND CRITICISM PURPOSES ONLY THUS UNDER THE FAIR USE POLICY. Tags: fairy tail amv anime music video pushing me away linkin park natsu dragneel jellal gerard siegrain laxus dreyar phantom lord high definition hd
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • descaiger

    : D

  • LatiosnLatias02

    I like Lucy who is just like Nami. Keep it up!!!

  • XTobiT3X

    Awesome AMV 😀 I love this music ^^
    Umm, i haven’t watched fairy tail yet and i’d like to know if i’m right when I think that this anime is a mixture of Naruto and One Piece? Cuse Lucy looks a bit like Nami and the other guy looks like ruffy with other hair xD Sorry if i’m wrong 😉

  • Hinamorineko

    don´t like lucy…BUT very nice vid!!!!!! 😀

  • compositionflorence

    that blonde girl looks like winry

  • AyyeKiddo

    at 0:29 what ep. is that I forgot.

  • Anikun13

    pretty awesome 😉

  • audistas0889

    Fairy Tail’s cool!Good thing Animax has it!

  • xXxDawnChanxXx

    @AangelProduction i thought it was a 1 day collab xD?????

  • rngo7

    very good 😀

  • xXxDawnChanxXx

    1 year and v’s parts still r da smex and mine fail XD


    Do you take an episode and make your own clips or can you get the clips from somewhere? :O

  • Eshta93

    Nah! GRAY x ERZA 4ever !!!


  • 127dracolord

    pause it at 3:43 and you can a picture of gerrard (i think thats how its spelled) in low quality

  • XiiAoRiKo

    @MlleAmi hey i can send you a video and you just follow okay?

  • XiiAoRiKo

    @LOVEfairy1011 gray x juvia T.T

  • mysuperdance1

    cool i love this..
    hahaha i guess i got to watch Fairy Tail..

  • sakura20201

    lol this is a funny show and i never saw it be4

  • Number1Esthi

    how do u make the effect at 0:44
    Awesome video…

  • MlleAmi

    sorry for the faults but I do not speak English, I am French. ^^”’

  • MlleAmi

    I love this amv! It is very beautifull!!!!^^ And i like very much sony vega but i don’t know how to have this logiciel T_T since a long time I want this software Anybody can help me?

  • cullenspanda

    what about gray?he is my fav carecter

  • haelin00

    love love love it!!

  • meleyis

    how’s the song called????
    I just loooooove it so much :)

  • lyric939

    lucyXnatsu FTW!!! sweet amv!! <3
    how in the world do you do all the effects and masking??? im still a noob to sony vegas 9….

  • Sinead024

    @Ricjuh Ok thanks :)

  • Ricjuh

    Though you can just crop the subs out if you have 720HD files.

  • Ricjuh

    @Sinead024 Newsgroups.

  • Sinead024

    Can I ask where you got your raws for this vid from :)? I’ve been wanting to make a Fairy Tail AMV for a while now but i’m having trouble finding good enough quality raws..all the HQ stuff is subbed 😛

  • Ricjuh

    @darkjoeye up to 1:47 he’s fighting opponents much weaker than he is so there was no real point in him going full out :)
    In the manga he’s currently up against a god slayer ( god slayer > god > dragon slayer > dragon > mage in terms of strength)
    I’ll PM you a link to one of his bigger fights.

  • darkjoeye

    @Ricjuh yeah but a look that makes him look epic and extremely dangerous idk anything about this anime but it looks like he’s weak and but i like the fact that his hair is pink it looks ok to him 😀

  • Ricjuh

    @darkjoeye Well he does have 1 that changes his appearance a bit ( 2:08 – 2:24 look carefully).
    Natsu is a Dragonslayer. Dragonslayer magic is ancient and using the full extent of it gives the Dragonslayer scales. Natsu isn’t strong enough yet to use his full power however so the only time you’ll see those scales currently, is when he fights Gerrard (Nirvana is a mixture of magic and Natsu was eating it, rapidly increasing his power for a period of time)

  • darkjoeye

    well if the main person dosent have a “secret power” that changes hes looks like the kyuubi in Naruto and the hollow in bleach then i won’t watch it :/

  • Ricjuh

    @PureYuuki101 13 and 48

  • PureYuuki101

    what episodes is at 1 min and at 3 mins???

  • Djcpu

    The new ep (62) takes like 24 more hours… :'( Noooo!!!… i want it now!

  • ZARYN007

    @Ricjuh i just -.-” who doesn’t this song even better who doesn’t know this voice -.- even my dad knows that

  • Ricjuh

    @pokemon9991000 You see a pretty blue bar underneath the description right? That shows the band and the name 😉
    It’s also mentioned in the description.

  • pokemon9991000

    nice song plz tell me name this song

  • MaximumChu

    Really Pimp :)

  • Stormwrench

    @Ricjuh The Natsu + Gajeel vs Laxus fight was definately one of the best in all animes Ive watched ^^

  • CrisisCoreGenesis

    @Ricjuh haha, I also started to watch this anime, because of this great amv^^

  • Ricjuh

    @Stormwrench Hehe :)
    Good to see my AMVs are helping people find new anime shows to watch ^_^

  • Stormwrench

    Because of this video, I started watching Fairy Tail. So good so far ^^

  • jmjonjon1

    Good amv

  • kionikazuaya

    cool new video

  • MrObenQ

    not bat, not bat at all

  • uAeCoDLoveR