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Didn’t Gray said that Deloria killed his parents and home? That’s why Ur adopted him? I personally think he’s Ultear’s father uwu

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Gray thinks his parents both died that day.  As far as we know, he never saw their bodies.  He was also a small child at the time and his memory may be faulty or just assumed both parents died.  We don’t even know if he was at home when Deliora attacked, or if his father was home. 

It makes much more sense for Silver to be related to Gray, and not Ultear for various reasons.

(1) The names. Silver and Gray are both shades of the same color.  It can’t be coincidence – Mashima is telling us something with this.

(2) Silver looks like an older Gray – they have the same eyes, same smirk, same hair, etc. They also share an affinity for ice.  We already know that magic abilities can be hereditary (Ur – Ultear, Layla – Lucy), so it would make sense that one of Gray’s parents has ice magic too.  Gray channeled Silver’s ice magic as well, and thought that it felt somewhat familiar to him – which says to me that he and Silver are related in some way.  He must be similar enough to Silver in order for Silver’s magic to recognize Gray.

(3) The backstory would make sense.  Silver, thinking his wife and son killed by Deliora, becomes and ice demon-slayer in order to get revenge for his family.  Unlike Gray, who had Ur to seal his darkness, Silver just descends into darkness, becoming a leading member of one of the darkest guilds – his only goal in life to destroy the very demons that took everything that mattered away from him.

(4) I love Ultear, but she’s not really relevant to the story anymore, and Gray coming across her father just isn’t very impactful, in my opinion.  Gray discovering his own father (or long lost brother, which is also possible, but less likely, in my opinion) is MUCH more productive for character development and plot progression.

I’m not ruling out the possibility he’s related to Ur and Ultear, but I’m putting my bets on Silver being Gray’s dad.  If he turns out to be Ultear’s father, it’ll just be a ‘meh’ moment for me, since him being related to Ultear doesn’t matter to me.  Ultear’s not there, and even though Gray was close to Ur and Ultear, the most he’s going to feel toward Silver is righteous anger at him for abandoning them. That’s no where near the raw emotion and sheer disbelief Gray will feel if he finds out his father has been alive this whole time.  Can you imagine that?  Believing your father is dead, only to find out he’s alive, an ice demon-slayer AND pure evil?  Gray will question everything that’s happened to him, question every choice he’s made, question his very goodness.  It’ll be a great chance for development for Gray, and Silver, who may not know his son is still alive either. 

Either way, I’ll respect what Mashima has planned, but Silver being Gray’s father is probably the best route to go, from a good story-writing standpoint (in my opinion) ^_^

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