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Weekly Fairy Tail AMV

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[FANMADE] Countdown ft NaLu & GrayZa (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza)

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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED My first Fairy Tail AMV. This anime/manga has seriously got into me. I feel like a drug addicted now. Especially towards GrayZa. And especially with the lack of fanfics to read! These two pairings, are definitely my OTPs. But GrayZa will be my OTP of the OTPs. πŸ˜› Anyways, into the about the video. Yes, this is a Korean song you’re hearing. I’ve been wanting to make a video out of this song but I couldn’t find suitable clips. And after I watch Fairy Tail, four main characters, JUST NICE! hahas! It’s my first time doing masking. And I know I suck at it. It’s hardwork and I really admire those video makers out there who use masking throughout the videos. I kowtow to you. I try to make it to have a opening feel but I don’t know if I succeed or not. πŸ˜› Anybody loves Digimon here? Because I planned to use some of Digimon songs to make Fairy Tail MVs. πŸ˜› Song used: Countdown Singer: SHINee Edit by: lildragongurl aka sakuno93 aka devilishNOELEEN aka me πŸ˜› And yes, in case I have some Kpop fans who happened to watch my videos before. I am the sakuno93, the one who crazily ship WonderSHINee. πŸ˜› If you love kpop, you can sub my other account! www.youtube.com

Ok so this was the second one I made. Some people might not have liked the effect in the first one so i edited this a little diffrently! This was a total pain on the arse – there is so many rendered clips for this taking up the space on my comp and when i tried to render the finished vid – my lap top died on me – twice!!! ahhhhh. But I finaly did it and here it is!! please let me know what you think and ofcouse subscribe too!! fd

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  • NeguruScarlet

    O.O wow this is really good for your first time :0 really good job!!! :3

  • aneeshadc

    Awesome!! That was really lovely for your first AMV. I’m really glad I went searching for GrayZA<3 Good Job!!

  • Thefairytaildreamer

    thank you so much for the comment – much appreciated! I prefer my first version of it though – please check it out if you havent already. I prefer how i worked the effects in that one. xx

  • kimonocat001

    good song choice and i love the video effects! 5/5

  • Thefairytaildreamer

    aww thanks hun!! but you know somthing..I didnt get to see this vid properly before I rendered it and as soon as it was done i just uploaded and relized I’m not liking it lol – I think im just a little connected to my origonal idea but I’ll leave it up! lol though I like how this one has the intro palying. xx

  • LoveTwilightVamps

    ohh cool πŸ˜€
    6 stars and faved hon πŸ˜€
    i love both versions, but i think i like this one better cause it’s more dramatic with the music at the end when it starts the rewind thing you know? both were great πŸ˜€

    you’re fantastic <3

  • Scarlet

    Awesome!! What video editor did you use?