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[Fanwork] First Kiss {Gray&Juvia

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aw this song was fun :O and gruvia deserves more videos! D: and fan art! grr you know how hard it is too find some? got me twitterpated!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

English 1) A fanart or drawing of manga or anime for me !!(if you want you can send it to me lol). 2) A volume of manga of KH, fairy tail, one piece, pandora hearts, FMA or any other …. in any language. (If anyone thinks to send me one, send me a personal message that can give you my address .. lol would be very happy if someone meets ^_^). 3) Viddie(s) for me! 4) Make a collab with someone! 5) Some tipography’s (I don’t have many tipography’s) 6) Meet new people!(lol) 7) A New Bg/icon for me please (I’m bad making it ;3) 8) Continue to edit and improve making Amv’s 9) See all anime on my list (I’ll finish some day) 10) Make a second season Kaichou wa maid sama! and Ouran Host Club!! lol ^_^ Have nice day. If you want to grant any of these, message me ^_^ Thank u! Español 1) Un fanart o dibujo dedicado a mi(si quereis podeis enviármelo jeje). 2)Un tomo manga de kh, fairy tail, one piece, pandora hearts, FMA o cualquier otro….en cualquier idioma.(Si alguien piensa enviarme alguno, que me mande un mensaje personal para que pueda darle mi dirección.. jee estaría muy feliz si alguien lo cumple jejee) 3) Video(s) dedicados a mi.^_^ 4)Hacer un collab con alguien. 5)Algunas tipography’s (la verdad es que no tengo muchas) 6)Conocer gente nueva 7)Unnuevo Bg/icono wiiiiiii me encantaría :) 8)Seguir editando videos, y mejorar editando. 9)Ver todos los anime de mi lista(algún día acabare viendo todos los de la lista jeje) 10)Que hagan segunda temporada de Kaichou wa maid sama! Y
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • xTorichai

    go to devienart
    its called ‘acholo’

  • DreamlikeLucy

    Amazing video *__________*
    I love Gruvia !! <3
    Oh and could you tell me where you got the doujinshi from *____* ?
    I want to have it soo badly, but I can´t find it T____T

  • cooliife

    @xTorichai ok thank u!! =D

  • xTorichai

    ill send u the link 😀

  • cooliife

    where can i find the doujin of gruvia can u tell me plz??? :3

  • cooliife

    @Dr3aMiNhime yes you are right gruvia rocks! XD

  • Dr3aMiNhime

    ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL—> 0.21!!!! HAHA!!! oh that was good~! and LOL at that end!! oh that was awesome!!! i love gruvia!!! idk y no one else sees the AWEsomeness of this coupleXD they’re just too cute… btw—i am soo googling at this fanart and that story..line..thing…manga…w/e..art–MUST find^.^

  • xTorichai

    gray is the smex *-*

  • ShionXShikaTeam

    😀 i really love it
    i like gray ^__^

  • xTorichai

    im picky with my art though >>
    i want them to be like perfect lol
    personal issue 😛
    and thanks!!! :O

  • flyingpardin

    its true that gruvia deserve way more videos and fanart, but it isnt hard fninding fanart anymore at all! like one year ago it was REALLY hard O:
    i’m the proud maker of the first and third gruvia video on youtube back in january and since then it’s become way easier^^
    luv the vid btw ;D

  • LoveAnime50

    Que bonitos deseo espero que se te cumplan buena suerte 5* para ti n_n

  • XxAndreixuxX

    @megajohn2404 jjaja Gracias, tambien son de mis favs.

  • XxAndreixuxX

    @Dazthan94 jaja ya lo se XD

  • megajohn2404

    Hola Andrea como estas , esta cool tu presentacion y claro a mi tambien me gustaria una segunda temporada de Kaichou wa maid sama! Y Ouran Host Club tambien son mis favoritos, bye

  • Dazthan94

    recuerda ke hablo español jajajaja¡¡¡¡¡¡ ntp

  • XxAndreixuxX

    @Dazthan94 thanks :)

  • XxAndreixuxX

    @MimiMangaMaid01 any drawings :)

  • Dazthan94

    cool ¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • MimiMangaMaid01

    What do you mean by fanart drawing to you? Or any drawings? x

  • XxAndreixuxX

    @OoxAmandy15xoO jajja Gracias.

  • OoxAmandy15xoO

    Omg! tienes casi los mismos deseos q yo 8D
    suerte con tu wishlist^-^