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Fairy Tail Character Biographies: Nab Lasaro

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Nab Lasaro

Nab Lasaro is one of the many mages of Fairy Tail.


Not much is known about Nab Lasaro, except that he seems to hang around the Request Board often, even though he dosen’t get much jobs or missions to do. He shouts at Natsu when he breaks the Mission board, knowing Natsu Dragneel was going to do something bad. He also says he prefers solo missions when Lucy asked him to go on a mission with her.


Lullaby arc

Nab was seen being scolded by Erza Scarlet for hanging around the notice board and not picking a job.

Phantom Lord arc

Nab along with the rest of the guild attacks Phantom Lord in retaliation. Nab took out a few members until he himself was taken out by Gajeel Redfox. He, along with the rest of the guild was seen celebrating their victory over Phantom Lord.

Fighting Festival arc

Nab was first seen at the notice board asking as to why Lucy would take a job by herself and then rejecting Lucy’s request to help her. Nab Lasaro was then seen battling Visitar saying that he should go to sleep so he can find Laxus Dreyar. Shortly after he was shown being defeated by Bixlow, saying he won’t have weaklings as friends. When Nab awakes due to Warren he helps with the destruction of the Hall of Thunder.

Edoras arc

The Edoras version of Nab is apparently a workaholic, as seen from Jet telling him that he should rest in a while.

Magic and Abilities

Seidhr Magic (Animal Possession): Nab Lasaro deals with Animal Possession in which he can confine an animals spirit within himself and then use that spirit to aid him in battle. Bixlow also has a similar magic to Nab, however they both use their magic completely different.

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