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Fairy Tail Character Biographies: Vithaldas Taka

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Vithaldas Taka (ヴィダルダス・タカ Vidarudasu Taka) is a mage part of the Trinity Raven, a group working under Gérard that belong to the assassins guild called the Skull Order. Vithaldas appearance is that of a rock star who always seem to swinging his hair around wildly. He runs into Lucy Heartfilia and Juvia Loxar as they were searching for Natsu Dragneel. Lucy hides while Juvia is unaffected by his attacks. However, her attacks don’t work on him either as his hair can soak up water. He then use his Rock of Succubus magic to take control of Juvia and attack Lucy. Lucy at a disadvantage for most of the fight but Juvia manages to call out her subconsciously through the water. Together with Lucy Celestial Spirit Aquarius they use an attack called Unison Raid against Vithaldas knocking him out.


Vithaldas’s abilities mostly lie in his guitar as he’s able to distract his opponents with his loud blaring music as well as taking control of his opponent. Vithaldas can also expand his hair to attack his opponents as well as use it to soak up any liquid attacks thrown his way though he himself would never suck up oil or alcohol since it messes up his hair.

  • Rock of Succubus: By playing a certain song on his guitarr Vithaldas transforms and takes control of an opponent. The opponent will achieve a more rock oriented clothing as well and the affected victim also gains a more rough personality. The name of the magic could imply that it only affects women though this isn’t stated.
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