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Fairy Tail Soundtrack OST 1

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fixing up this section…

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  • HappyMaltchi


  • PrettyShy

    Thanks for the soundtrack. :)
    Would you also have the OST 2???

    I’m looking for one that is not in a .rar. file.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Mae

    thanks for sharing this links,. i really love them., i might be able to use them in my private AMV’s hehehehe thank you again

  • http://dakishimete.multiply.com Amy Hongo

    aww….i just saw this site and shout happily found it!!
    Thank you so much, now i’m more in love with Fairy Tail !!! i collect all of its OST !!!! <3

    Thanks a million !!!

  • wizardFAn

    dude thanxx a MILLION!!!!!! 😀

  • FairyFail

    What’s the song when Natsu starts a fight with the other guild members? You know, in episode 2. Cana is drinking, Elfman rants about being a man, Gray loses his underwear and asks Lucy to borrow hers, and Natsu acts like the big kahuna in the place, you know. That song… What’s it called? I want it. <3 😀

  • yoan

    have you got the soundtrack in the begining of the 55th

  • Cappo

    Hey, love the songs! Thank you very much!

    By the way, I’ve been searching for the “Wow” sound from the anime yet I haven’t found the nice one.. /sob /sob

  • randomfairytailfan

    THANKS A LOT!!! 😉

  • Aki

    Tanks a lot xD its the only pleace when u can downlaod it very tanks

  • Arisa

    can you add Lyra’s song? i know it’s similar to past story but i would really like it if it was on here as well.

  • JapanFan

    I’ll look for it! I might have to take it from the anime so it’ll take a day or two.

  • Freakz_neiji

    thanks, man. this is more than what i planned on finding.

  • Lexiaz

    thx so much><!!!!!!!!

  • new_fairytail_fan

    I… Love…. YOU! >.<

  • Wang_yokho

    Yeahhhh…. i love thiss site… xDD
    but i want opening n ending song too,Pleasee >,<
    arigatou gozaimasu~ ^^

  • shubo

    how do i download!!!! :(

  • Ixchel

    Where did the titles to the songs go?
    i can’t tell which song is which when i want to listen to them…
    is there something wrong with the site or with my computer?

  • dered

    Thank man. Anyway, can i have the name of the last song?

  • Anonymous

    the first opening theme song is “Snow Fairy” by Funkist and the ending theme is “Kanpekigu-no ne” by Watarirouka Hashiritai, just search on google

  • Pantera

    How do i download the soundtracks?

  • Anonymous

    I love fairy tail!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jaison-Jermain-Davis/1227409430 Jaison Jermain Davis

    fairy tail rock

  • Anonymous

    How can I download these songs? x(

  • Fr0zen

    When the OST 3 will be Posted :(

  • Fr0zen

    When the OST 3 will be Posted :(

  • Whatsittoya

    How do you download the songs?

  • Pinksaru

    Thank you soo much! :)) been looking for these songs, u just made my day!

  • Izati_atie

    i love fairy tail…… =)

  • somerandomguy

    can you also write the names of the sound tracks

  • Yomo222

    All right here is how to download a song:
    1. Right Click The Blue Play Button
    2. Press The Button That Says Download:1. unidentified
    3. It Should Bring You To A Silver Or White Screen With A Progress Bar And Music Playing
    4. Right Click The Bar And Press: Save Video As…
    5. Name It What You Want With A .MP3 On The End

  • Amorphous Bankai

    How can I see the actual titles of the music??

  • hoshigo

    thanks so much! i love it theat their so inspiring!

  • Medve665

    is there a way to download all theme at one time?

  • Anonymous

    Alternatively, if you want to download the songs (since Yomo222’s method doesn’t quite work for me), just right click on the name of the song, and choose ‘Save Linked File As…’, or something along those lines (may vary with browser or OS), and save the file wherever you’d like. Just be sure to type in the name of the song before you save. If you’re like me, the name that is there at first is not what is shown on the screen.

  • TINN

    Thanks so much! I really like the main theme and it’s very good!

  • Necromancer

    @b545fbac12784ed2535b04bef3a79270:disqus i want to know about vol 1 and 2

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    Yeah ill fix it… Im actually updating the website now

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Farman/1358270953 Craig Farman

    what is that can can song for fairy tail really call and were to find it

  • Kasori

    whose the artist for Fairy tales main theme song?

  • Ofireelfo

    Uhm.. i think the links are broken :( luckily i downloaded the songs before

  • grim

    as of 6/18/11 the songs do not play.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deen-Damry/100000402023878 Deen Damry

    non of them is playing



  • estellise

    i cant wait to download fairy tail ost vol 3..

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    The files have been uploaded to another host! So they are currently working!

  • Loro

    What ist the name of the song played in the Episode summary at the beginning of an Episode? (like the Beginning of Episode 10)

  • Loro

    Found it^^ In the middle of “fairy Tail guild”

  • Ibnuhabibiabdulahmutaqin

    where is the song on the lirycs don’t say good bye

  • Nakki

    Love Natsu, Lucy n Gray, what a great characters.
    Besides i love JellalxErza too <3

  • http://twitter.com/shosha223 shosha boogy

    thanx guys …i really luv it XD

  • Sczc

    That’s seems to be a remake of a song from the Opera Carmen. The Can-Can song.

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    Probably lol

  • Banderpolar001


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eghm-DHims/100001232720034 Eghm DHim’s

    D Tunggu Episode-episode slanjutnya…
    Aye ………. Sir.

  • just_eka

    yang bagus episodenya. ayee…. sir.

  • Sabin Shr

    cant download thiss

  • Sabin Shr

    right click button activates only for play n pause n the button doesnt show n do we hav 2 be a member 2 download these or wht!

  • Ryan_hall123

    It would be more convenient if we were able to download all the music in one package, instead of downloading each individual song… ^^

  • Salam_0x0

    THANKS..wow this site super cool! the design also greatly nice!

  • FairyTailFan

    Fairy Tail is the epicly soundtrack ever *-*

  • Thilarim

    Can anyone here tell what the name is of the “battle theme” that’s playing in the background during episode 2 (among others) when they arrive at the guild and everyone starts fighting?

  • supersann

    wow thanks for this!!! so awesome.

  • Rio Bio Rb

    Great.. ^_^

  • Otter

    One thing about that song is that it’s impossible to find. I’ve been searching for it for days now. And still nothing :(

  • Galaxy-Sam

    I was wondering does anybody know the song which plays when in episode 8 when Natsu uses dazzling flame

  • ThundeREmpeRoR


  • ThundeREmpeRoR

    nop .. just open the link in new tab .. right click on the window and save as .. 

  • Iconoclast


  • Rayindajinx

    i love fairy tail and i like natsu and gray

  • Bitterman

    What’s the name of the can can ost that plays in the second episode?

  • Sacheloise

    its so cool

  • David

    Not even that. Just right click on the link and press ‘Save link as …’

  • hunttari

    it says hosting account suspended :/

  • Guest123

    Anyone know which of these (if its here) is the song from episode 8, when the ‘strongest team’ fights the flutes transformation? Thanks

  • odtm

    ~hi guys, want to know the ending song at episode 52 (s2) the episode that nirvana being destroyed, i hope someone can help me with artist name and song titles

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    I fixed it! Should work again!

  • Luciferising_

    How do you download? 

  • http://japanfan.net Phillip Pulley

    Right click and download… U can do individual mp3 or the full zip.. the last link on the bottom of the post

  • Purplefire

    Thank you so much! I have enjoyed these soundtracks SO much!!

  • samantha

    Sorry but its not working, i dont know if im doing it wrong though…



  • Seruchan21

    Still seems to have some issues. I try and save link as, or listen to songs first, and the server doesn’t seem to respond all of the time. Been having some major difficulty downloading any songs. 

  • N. andreas

    still waiting……

  • Dragon Slayer

    here it is. Oracion Seis Theme.

  • Ragikai

     use download manager… just left click the tittle…

  • Moroh

     Just download Download Helper and then right click on the 1st song from the list and from there go, Download Helper > Media > All Links To Media Files.

    that’s if your using Firefox that is

  • John214

    yall guys are idiots theres the full zip album right under the last track -_-

  • Kiose The Kid

    This music is epicly beautiful :’D.

    Thank you for your kindness :’).

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.l.scott.90 Heather Leigh Scott

    if it makes you feel better, it works perfectly for me, no problems what so ever!

  • Bibidi.Bobidi

    i can’t hear any of them :/ :(

  • Natsu

    Hi, where to find the soundtracks ? i dun find any files to be downloaded…

  • Kaitlyn

    I don’t know what’s going on. I downloaded and installed everything it told me to and I still can’t get the Fairy Tail soundtrack to come up. After installing the Radio Rage like it told me to this site won’t even let me listen to it. And after pressing the download button and following those directions I have the soundtrack nowhere in sight on my computer. This ended up being a total waste of time which I really can’t afford to waste at this point.

  • 소희

    I cant see anything in this page, even download button.
    maybe It’s because Im in the korea….??
    than…. how can I get this song……? :-( I really want it!!!!

  • Akura32

    Yeah what’s the name of the Can Can that I hear in Tenrou Island Arc?